Friday, August 6, 2010

To Be Moving

The photograph above is an explanation, a reason, an excuse for my not so consistent blogging. I have moved! My life is still mostly in boxes and the furniture is coming tomorrow. Currently the choices of living room seating consist of a bean bag chair, an office chair, or a sofa cushion.

It is just beginning to sink in that I am currently living with the person I love dearest in this world. While in the hustle and rush of moving I became absorbed with the minutiae, with the packing, taping, moving, and unpacking of boxes. Last night was the first night I waited up for Terri to come home from work. And now we are sharing a closet. And our shampoos and conditioners are commingling. And the fridge holds her magnets and mine. A multitude of little things pulling me into the reality of living together. I wonder at how I got so lucky.

Last month I finished two knitting projects. One was a repeat knit and the other was a sweater that I am prodigiously proud of. More on those a little later.

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