Friday, May 14, 2010

My Plants Will Protect Me From the Zombies!

I decided many years ago that I just don't like horror movies. I remember sitting in the movie theatre wondering why I had paid money for an experience I was clearly not enjoying. Other people, like my best friend, can go and enjoy them, but I will stay at home and knit watching six hours of Pride and Prejudice.

Zombie movies, however, are my exception. I really enjoy zombie movies. I don't know why I have this dichotomy. I think part of it has to do with the fact that serial killers and torture are part of the real world and that zombies are so fictitious. Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed my latest zombie movie experience Zombie Land. The gore is a bit much at times, but I'll power through it to get my zombie fix.

When my girlfriend got the game Plants vs. Zombies for her birthday I was, therefore, intrigued. It seemed to be a confluence of three things I enjoy: video games, zombies, and gardening. From the first time I played the game I was hooked. The basic tenet is that you are in your house and have to keep the zombies from getting across your lawn to your house or they will eat your brains. You protect your lawn by growing sunflowers to give you sun and planting various offensive and defensive plants. In the main game there are a series of levels to pass and then there are side minigames to play to earn more money as well.

The first night I had it I stayed up all night playing because I was mildly addicted. It was like eating chocolate with bits of ginger in it, I can't just have one piece, I usually end up eating the whole bar because it's that good. And just like the chocolate, the game isn't that bad for you, but too much can make you a little ill.

The game has won a fair amount of attention as many people enjoy the gameplay. It is a smart game and has many variables from which to alter gameplay. It requires you to come up with your own strategies and allows you to experiment with using different offensive and defensive styles. I think the variety and freedom of the game are one of its strongest points.

The only downside to playing this game, or any other video game, is that I can't do it and knit. I wish I could play Plants vs. Zombies using voice commands:
"Plant sunflower in A1"
"Harvest sun"
"Plant potato mine in D4"
It would be awesome! Because I could knit! It would mean that I could justify playing PvZ as knitting time!

Alas, until the advent of affordable voice activated video games I will still have to label video game time as "relaxation" time.



Kristin said...

Personally, I hate zombie movies. Give me 5 hours of P&P anyday (though I will even take one or two of the 2 hour versions of that book).

I enjoyed reading the few posts you've done and look forward to seeing what you post about next. You have a good writing style that allows your personality to come through.


Stephanie Spika said...

Dev - Your notes about zombies reminded me of Michael and Kitty. He says sometimes she shows up and just gives him that "look," and he feels hypnotized into going straight to the fridge for a piece of CHICKKKKKEN for Kitty. He says, "Must go to fridge; get chicken...give to kitty..." HA. You know what I mean. I just saw Night of the Living Dead for the first time a few nights ago (on our little TV -- I guess we were desperate). I kept laughing my ass off; too funny, some of the lines in it. Also, the acting was really TERRIBLE! Love, SMS (U know who)