Monday, May 3, 2010

Somewhere in the Knitting

There are two weeks left in my semester plus finals week and all I want to do is knit. My cat, Sweetie, has no problem with this whatsoever. She wants to eat the yarn. Or lay on the wool vest I laid out on the bed before I could even get my tape measure out. Or sit on my head so that her curly tail is in front of my eyes so I can't knit and must pet her instead.

However, this propensity to knit instead of do things like make sure my electricity doesn't get shut off when my roommate moves out has got me struggling to even remember what time management is.

I will start the day with good intentions. Plans. Ideas. Things To Do. All with the idea that I will pick up the needles after I've done them. And I find myself sitting down in front of my computer eating breakfast and before I'm done with my morning Ravelry I realize I've got knitting in my hands and an episode of the Lime and Violet podcast playing.

I think this trend is a culmination of many things going on in my life. I am stressed out beyond comprehension. My roommate moved out quite to my surprise and I am now paying a month of rent on my own. School is rapidly coming to a close and all of my classes have things due either right now or in the next few seconds. A friend I thought I could trust has shared with other people things I told her in confidence.

All things considered, I'm not really surprised I keep turning to my knitting. It seems to be the calm in the storm, a way to be in my life, to be here, and yet escape from the mess around me. Somewhere in the knitting, I am finding a much needed sense of quiet.

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Stephanie Spika said...

Hello, Devon --
Did you know I own a very old copy of Cries of the Spirit? Maybe that's where you first read it, I don't know...I just thought it was sweet to see it on your blog!
SMS (U know who)